This is how we play:

  • Knowing – with certainty – you have everything you need right inside yourself
  • Feeling free to express your self creatively, without judgment or pressure
  • Letting go of attempting to control how what happens, happens. Instead, basking in the joyful feeling of being lovingly carried along. 

If you’d like the presence and joy of this life-changing Magical 3, contact me

Before our work begins we’ll have a complimentary conversation.
(Coming from a place of service and generosity is my default. We will always have a complimentary conversation first!)

We’ll agree on where our work will focus personalized for you; get some dates in the calendar and arrange payment details; and have some fun!

Supporting Your Inner Life

In my work as a coach,
I help people honor both their responsibilities…
And their hearts.

How amazing would it feel if you could knock the bricks off your wings and really fly?

(As one client of mine beautifully put it : )

But it can be so hard to let that happen.

This is where I come in.

When you enter my world you build your life how you truly want it.
Not how somebody else said it ought to be.


“Just wow… I had so much fun! Being able to step into the joy within myself was empowering.” 

– Cassandra, on what her experience of a Practical Intuition Session with me is like

View Cassandra’s testimonial below…

“Hi, I’m Patricia – a few weeks ago I experienced a couple of practical intuition sessions with Kay.
Coming from a rational and scientific background I must say that while Kay’s personality is so warm and attractive – she’s really an open book – I was somewhat skeptical about the result I could expect from these sessions.
One thing I didn’t want to go through was another sort of woo-woo coaching!
It was a real discovery for me.
Kay unleashed some creative and imaginative potential in me with her unorthodox but very precise method.
She paved the way to comfort me in my reflection on past experiences.
She clarified my current interrogation and she unlocked a few crucial insights about my future choices.
It was a unique experience and I highly recommend the practice to any bright and curious mind!
Believe me, you will discover things about yourself that you don’t even suspect now.
So well done, Kay!”

“What a lovely thing you have done for me. The way you made me feel throughout our time together is a reflection of how you know how to serve. To hold space for someone. To be present and to give the gift of being heard.
I LOVE the courage jars, they are in my office in my line of sight. I am truly thankful to have had the time with you. You are reflecting back to me the essence of where I am at in my life.” – Melanie
Here is the picture Melanie references…

Where shall we go together?

Connect with me and let’s find out.

If you’ve got some bricks on your wings let’s knock em off so you can really fly!