Kay Lock Kolp, Coach and Creator

I am offering a one-to-one coaching experience for a small number of folks interested in beginning 2023 Relaxed…

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I’m Kay, and you may know me as Karen! In my 30+ year career as a teacher and coach – and while earning my BS in Human Development in my M.Ed. in Education – one simple concept has come up again and again: play.
Play is the throughline to everything I do.

  • As a coach I create a safe space so someone feels seen and able to focus on creating the life they really want to be living 💖


  • As an artist I cultivate fearlessness, overcoming resistance… Judgment of a finished piece… With joy and the fun of the creation process ✨


  • As an athlete I know what it is like to build up from rock-bottom – I needed a wheelchair in 2011 and 2012 to go more than a few steps – and soar once more 🥾⛷️

I am on an interesting and joyful journey!

I would be thrilled to spend some time with you, should our paths cross  💃🕺

Instagram: @weturnedoutokay

LinkedIn: Kay Lock Kolp, M.Ed.