Kay Lock Kolp, Coach and Creator

I’m Kay, and you may know me as Karen!

In my 30+ year career as a teacher and coach I have guided groups and individuals to envision and build their life how they want it. Not how somebody else told them it should be.

Through it all one simple concept has come up again and again: play.
Play is the throughline to everything I do.

  • As a coach I create a safe space so someone feels seen and able to focus on creating the life they really want to be living 💖


  • As an artist I cultivate fearlessness, overcoming resistance with joy and the fun of the creation process ✨


  • As an adventurer I know what it is like to build up from rock-bottom – I needed a wheelchair in 2011 and 2012 to go more than a few steps – and soar once more 🥾⛷️

I am on an interesting and joyful journey!

I would be thrilled to spend some time with you, should our paths cross  💃🕺

Instagram: @weturnedoutokay

LinkedIn: Kay Lock Kolp, M.Ed.

Hi friends!!
For 3 weeks in May 2023 I’m heading out on an adventure!
Journeying across England’s Coast to Coast Path –
Through 3 National Parks and some of the most rugged and beautiful country in the world.
I’m sharing my journey along the path in these places:
LinkedIn.. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kay-lock-kolp-m-ed-018564130
Thank you for being with me
Here’s the Gofundme link so you can read more about why and how..
I am super grateful for you.
You rock!!