Kay Lock Kolp ~ Coach ~ Creator ~ Good Listener

I’m Kay!
I am
a wellbeing and high-performance coach
an artist
a writer
a podcaster
and an adventurer.

I used to need a wheelchair – and then I solo-hiked across England.

I used to ask permission to speak – and now I hold space for others to speak.

My Publication!

Art Creativity & Wellbeing

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In my 30+ year career as a teacher and coach I have guided groups and individuals to envision and build their life how they want it.

I’ve learned to trust myself in all things – and now I support others through their transformation.

I am glad our paths have crossed!
Glad to be in this beautiful world with you.

Come say hi!
Instagram: @weturnedoutokay
LinkedIn: Kay Lock Kolp, M.Ed.

PS You can see more of my story, including a very cute baby pic, on my About page here

Coming Soon

Waking Up..
How I Grew to Love My Body and Myself While Solo-Hiking Across Northern England

Derailed by my ADHD.
Hiding my sexual orientation from even myself.
Scarred by disability.
Believing myself broken and weak.
The odds were certainly stacked against me, walking all by myself from one side of England to the other.
Here’s the interesting thing: on my journey those elements which I perceived as liabilities became assets.
Fuel for my empowerment.
And the trek was only the beginning.

Come with me on a journey of discovery – publication date is May 1, 2024! Woohoo!

Hi friends!! I did it!!
For 3 weeks in May 2023 I solo hiked across England’s Coast to Coast Path –
a big deal when 12 years ago I needed a wheelchair to go more than a few steps!
I hiked through 3 National Parks and some of the most rugged and beautiful country in the world.
I learned LOTS about myself and the world in training and hiking the path!
You can see more about it all at: